iModules is committed to making every client successful—and just as dedicated to keeping Encompass the most powerful, yet easiest-to-use online engagement solution on the market. iModules provides additional products that help maximize this product's capabilities for your unique needs.

iModules offers a variety of additional products to enhance your use of Encompass:

Flexible login choices for an optimized online experience.
Build your brand with confidence.
Jump-start your crowdfunding effort.
Could your email marketing strategy benefit from a private IP address?
A cohesive solution for data-driven communications.
High-performing decisions and outcomes begin with uncluttered data.
Multiply your donation dollars.
Give attendees convenient, on-the-go access to event information.
Fast and simple event attendee management for your staff and volunteers.
The security of your data is crucial.
Synchronize your online and offline efforts with a seamless data exchange.
“We didn’t know what to expect regarding results, but we raised more in six weeks than we raised in six months last year.”
"iModules makes our staff members' job much easier. The system saves us a lot of money and time."
"The customer service we received from iModules was exceptional, especially from our account manager."
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