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Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending the day in conversation with several of our clients at the Upstate New York Impact Group session. It was a great group of folks and our hosts at Le Moyne College couldn’t have been more gracious or accommodating.

The Impact Groups are really a win-win situation. We (the staff from iModules) get the opportunity to spend several hours learning from our clients and hearing first hand what’s important to them. Many ideas and questions came up that I had never heard before and triggered an interesting exchange of ideas amongst the attendees. For the clients, I think it’s helpful to hear about what their peers are doing with the software and see the commonalities in their experiences, needs, and challenges.

In our group we had clients who were still in implementation, a brand new web manager who was just being introduced to the tools, a recently launched client who was interested in learning all the possibilities of the Encompass system, and clients who have been with us for years and eager to learn about our product roadmap. So it was a great mix and I think everyone came away with some new ideas to take back to their office. We strayed from the meeting agenda on several occasions when a topic came up that was clearly of interest to our group. Mark Warner, our Product guru, did an impromptu demo of the new Volunteer Fundraising tools and at the end of the day we had an in depth conversation about the possibilities with using the LinkedIn Integration.

I loved the opportunity to have face to face conversations with our clients and learn what’s happening “in the trenches”. Their feedback was invaluable in ensuring that we at iModules stay focused on the areas of the development and growth that will benefit our clients the most.

“We didn’t know what to expect regarding results, but we raised more in six weeks than we raised in six months last year.”
San Diego State University
"iModules makes our staff members' job much easier. The system saves us a lot of money and time."
University of Kentucky Alumni Association
"The customer service we received from iModules was exceptional, especially from our account manager."
Coe College