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Posted on 2/25/13 by Fred Weiss, president.

As you may have seen, iModules announced some exciting news today, but news that also humbles us.

We, along with Harris Connect, announced that iModules has acquired the assets of the Harris Connect Internet Services Division (Harris Connect ISD) and that we now have the responsibility for servicing and supporting the Harris Connect ISD clients. That means that more than 200 Harris Connect ISD clients have joined our existing group of more than 600 clients, creating what we believe is the largest community of Constituent Engagement Management (CEM) users in higher education.

While that’s a wonderful achievement, why are we humbled? Harris Connect has built a tremendous group of businesses in the CEM arena as well as in strategic affinity solutions through data research & analytics, comprehensive fundraising and donor management solutions, mobile, and their well-known commemorative publication and directory products. They are entrusting us with a group of clients with whom they have developed deep relationships over the years. And they’re asking us to ensure that those clients continue to be well taken care of while Harris Connect continues with its other lines of business.

And serve these clients well we shall do. Our task is made easier by the fact that fourteen former Harris Connect ISD staff have joined our team – staff in application support, client relationship management, and software development, so many Harris Connect ISD clients will be working with individuals they already know. Our task also is made easier by the fact that iModules, as a company, is solely focused on CEM for education: it is our passion, it is our expertise, and it informs all that we do.

Of course, we do have other decisions to make. While we plan on supporting the Harris Connect ISD platform for the foreseeable future, we also believe that there is benefit to be gained by having all our staff resources focused on a single platform. To that end, we will work with each Harris Connect ISD client to migrate them to the iModules CEM platform. We know that there are things we can learn from each of those clients and from the technology they have been working with, and we expect to use that knowledge and expertise to inform our future plans. And, yes, at some point in the future we will no longer support the Harris Connect ISD platform.

Through this all, we will remain true to our existing and long-time iModules clients: this transaction should not have any impact on who you work with here at iModules, our roadmap, nor the high quality services we deliver.

What we do expect is to continue to enhance the vitality of our user community: Sizzler just got bigger, our client community just got larger, our excitement in helping our clients achieve success continues unabated.

>It is an honor and a pleasure to welcome our newest set of clients to the iModules community.

“We didn’t know what to expect regarding results, but we raised more in six weeks than we raised in six months last year.”
San Diego State University
"iModules makes our staff members' job much easier. The system saves us a lot of money and time."
University of Kentucky Alumni Association
"The customer service we received from iModules was exceptional, especially from our account manager."
Coe College