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Posted on 3/6/13 by Michael Nigro, Strategic Account Manager.

It is March and spring is just around the corner and so are your spring events. Planning, budgeting, engaging volunteers, and communicating with constituents each play an important part in making your events successful. Here are a few key ideas to producing a very successful spring event:

Planning & Budgeting

  • Before producing one piece of promotional material, you should have a complete view of your event from start to finish. When is the event? Where will it be held? Who is staffing it? Is the budget completed? Too often, we get ahead of ourselves in preparing events and don’t think about each person who might be coming, or the total cost of the event. Planning in advance will save you time later.
  • Now that you know everything about the event, it’s time to tell the world…your world. The best way to maximize registrations is to promote your event on the web. If you’re already using iModules, you know how easy it is to create an event registration form for your constituents to get registered. Also, consider tapping in to social media to make it simple for registrants to tell their friends about the event. Finally, email is an invaluable tool for spreading the news, but be targeted.
  • Always sit down less than a week after an event and debrief. What went well? What can be improved? Is there anything we should or shouldn’t be doing as part of this event? Then, document it so that next year, you can implement those changes.
If you would like to learn more about the ways iModules can help you execute event creation, don’t hesitate to contact us. Best of luck to you and your organization during this exciting time of year!

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