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  • Jan 27 2015
    Well, the busiest registration week is upon us for our annual user conference, Sizzler, as the deadline for early bird registration ends on January 31, 2015! 
    By Susan Scholes
    We are Sizzling in America's 'Coolest' City
    Jan 22 2015
    Sometimes the best solution is the simplest.
    By Chris Anderson
    Make It Easy: Creating a Simple Giving Experience
    Jan 08 2015
    iModules is excited to announce that the 2015-16 Scholarship Program has officially launched! 
    By Jennifer Saab
    iModules Offers Scholarship Opportunities
    Dec 18 2014
    By thinking about your constituent experience, you can increase engagement on your site.
    By Mirko Widenhorn
    Keeping your constituents in mind
    Dec 12 2014
    Another client who had record-breaking results on #GivingTuesday was Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois.
    By Jennifer Saab
    Third Annual Day of Giving a Huge Success - Part 2
    Dec 10 2014
    On December 2, 2014, millions of people took part in a movement dedicated to charitable giving with spectacular results.
    By Jennifer Saab
    Third Annual Day of Giving a Huge Success - Part 1
    Dec 02 2014
    Let’s look at net neutrality word by word.
    By Troy Anderson
    What is Net Neutrality?
    Dec 01 2014
    So there you are, crafting the perfect email for an upcoming event. The subject line is compelling, the content has been double-checked, and you’re ready to send. Wait a minute. What about the pre-header field? Oh well. It’s optional and you can’t think of anything to put there anyway. You just skip it.
    By Jennifer Saab
    The Pre-Header: Prime Email Real Estate
    Nov 25 2014
    Now is a great time to reflect upon the past year and plan for 2015.
    By Jason Roberts
    'Tis the Season (for reflecting and planning)
    Nov 24 2014
    Help your constituents register for events, make donations and complete forms by leveraging the power of pre-population.
    By Creighton Coover
    Maximize Your Data by Using Pre-Population


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