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  • Jul 22 2014
    Each of you — when you chose to go to school that eventually became your alma mater — began a forty, fifty, even a sixty year relationship. Other than a family member or a friend you may have met before high school, it’s unlikely there’s any relationship in your life that will last that long.
    By Fred Weiss
    Your Longest Relationship
    Jul 22 2014
    A brainstorm of ideas to get any conference attendee prepared for success.
    Attend a Conference Like a Pro
    Jul 15 2014
    Oklahoma State University Alumni Association has just completed their brand spanking new website redesign. Read to find out how the project went off without a hitch!
    By Danielle Dalton
    Orange is the New Orange
    Jul 14 2014
    Have you joined the crowdfunding bandwagon?
    By Joe Wiggins
    Jul 09 2014
    Making a presentation soon, maybe at Sizzler? Some quick DOs and DON'Ts...
    By Susan Scholes
    DOs and DON'Ts of Presenting
    Jun 26 2014
    Client To-Do List for Sizzler:
    1. Get connected
    2. Get inspired
    3. Get answers
    By Jennifer McGee
    Sizzler To-Do List
    Jun 18 2014
    The new Canadian anti-spam law goes into effect July 1.  These are the main differences between the Canadian law and CAN-SPAM.
    By Mark Werner
    New Canadian Anti-Spam Law
    Jun 12 2014
    Summer is a great time to schedule fun events for your alumni, friends, and supporters. Check out our quick brainstorm to help get you started!
    By Susan Scholes
    Summer Event Brainstorm
    Jun 05 2014
    Ever wonder how to update your forms to allow check or cash transactions? If so, today is your lucky day! Here are a couple of fantastic ways to intuitively document offline commerce events in the Encompass system.
    By Grace Diebolt
    Documenting Offline Transactions
    May 29 2014
    A few ideas to make your Day of Giving campaign a success.
    By Creighton Coover
    Micro-Campaigns - When Is Your


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