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  • Sep 18 2014
    Planning a 24-hour giving campaign this fall? You're in good company.
    By Jennifer McGee
    Planning a 24-Hour Giving Day?
    Sep 16 2014
    Through customized scoring models based on your data and your constituency, Actionable Insights will provide you with scores that measure both the level of online engagement and potential for online engagement of your alumni.
    By John White
    Data Mining & Engagement Analytics
    Sep 11 2014
    On the 13th anniversary of the 9/11 attack on our country...
    By Susan Scholes
    Pause and reflect
    Sep 10 2014
    I winced when reading about DiGiorno’s #WhyIStayed You Had Pizza mistake yesterday. What a mess.
    By Jennifer Saab
    It's Not Pizza, It's a #Fail
    Sep 04 2014
    The phone usually rings around dinnertime. A voice introduces herself as a current college student and begins friendly banter about my alma mater.
    By Jennifer Saab
    The Student Loan Effect
    Aug 28 2014
    If you are keen on quality (but short on time), these seven tips will help you achieve sound results for your next constituent survey.
    By Andrea Ganier
    Seven Tips for Survey Success
    Aug 26 2014
    There’s no better time than now to start educating those incoming students to become good alumni, and no better way than beginning, today, to connect them to your institution’s alumni association.
    By Fred Weiss
    The Incoming Class – a chance for engagement
    Aug 19 2014
    The story of Sizzler 2014, as told by attendees and staff via Twitter, Instagram, and Flickr, has been translated to Storify!
    By Susan Scholes
    Sizzler 2014 Storify!
    Aug 08 2014

    Maybe it’s because you don’t have a hot breakfast served to you with bacon at home or maybe you have an affinity for iModules bowling socks.

    By Susan Scholes
    Post-Sizzler Pick-Me-Up
    Jul 29 2014
    We're here to support you! Read on to learn more about the teams that support you and your use of Encompass.
    By Danielle Dalton
    Your iModules Client Success Team


  • John White
    John White Director of Product Management
  • Patti Hernandez
    Patti Hernandez Implementation Project Manager
  • Jennifer Saab
    Jennifer Saab Marketing Communications Manager
  • Jason Knoll
    Jason Knoll Implementation Project Manager
  • Troy Anderson
    Troy Anderson Chief Technology Officer
  • Grace Diebolt
    Grace Diebolt Implementation Project Manager
  • Steve Williams
    Steve Williams Director of Development
  • Mirko Widenhorn
    Mirko Widenhorn Senior Account Manager
    & Strategic Consultant
  • Joe Wiggins
    Joe Wiggins Account Manager
  • Dan Frazier
    Dan Frazier Senior VP, Sales
  • Amy Horton
    Amy Horton Project Manager, Team Lead
  • Courtney Nichols
    Courtney Nichols Application Consultant
  • Tara Lytle
    Tara Lytle Implementation Project Manager
  • Brendon Woodworth
    Brendon Woodworth Application Consultant
  • Michael Nigro
    Michael Nigro Strategic Account Manager
  • Andrea Ganier
    Andrea Ganier Senior Account Manager
  • Creighton Coover
    Creighton Coover Account Manager
  • Jennifer McGee
    Jennifer McGee Engagement Manager
  • Fred Weiss
    Fred Weiss President
  • Susan Scholes
    Susan Scholes VP, Marketing
  • Danielle Dalton
    Danielle Dalton Director of Client Retention
  • Jason Roberts
    Jason Roberts Senior VP, Customer Success
  • Mark Werner
    Mark Werner Director of Product Management