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  • Nov 25 2014
    Now is a great time to reflect upon the past year and plan for 2015.
    By Jason Roberts
    'Tis the Season (for reflecting and planning)
    Nov 24 2014
    Help your constituents register for events, make donations and complete forms by leveraging the power of pre-population.
    By Creighton Coover
    Maximize Your Data by Using Pre-Population
    Nov 06 2014
    Some great advice from all of the iModules' Project Managers regarding the key to a successful implementation.
    By Grace Diebolt
    The key to a successful implementation is…
    Nov 04 2014

    There are many reasons why an email may not be delivered to an end user — being on a blacklist is the most well-known but is seldom the actual cause with iModules-powered emails.

    By Troy Anderson
    Why aren't people getting my emails?
    Oct 30 2014
    Individuals often collect items such as baseball cards or cars because they have a passion for those items. At iModules we collect surveys. Surveys from you. And we read them and take action because we have a passion for Superior Customer Service.
    By Patti Hernandez
    What Is In Your Heart?
    Oct 24 2014
    There’s a saying that the best speech is a short speech and if you’ve ever sat through a four-hour commencement ceremony, you might agree.
    By Jennifer Saab
    Social Media Sweet Spot
    Oct 16 2014
    While you may be knee-deep in Homecoming activities – or in my case, Halloween candy avoidance mode – year-end giving is just around the corner.
    By Jennifer Saab
    Countdown to Year-end Giving
    Oct 09 2014
    When you're new to iModules there are so many ways to learn the system!
    By Jason Knoll
    Got Questions? We Got Answers.
    Sep 30 2014
    Why was Actionable Insights developed?
    By John White
    Why Actionable Insights
    Sep 25 2014
    Over the last month or so I have come across a number of clients that have all requested the same thing: “I want to see cool things other clients are doing.” This, of course, is a broad request but it had me thinking, what is the best way to share and promote what clients are doing?
    By Brendon Woodworth
    I want to see cool things!


  • John White
    John White Director of Product Management
  • Patti Hernandez
    Patti Hernandez Implementation Project Manager
  • Jennifer Saab
    Jennifer Saab Marketing Communications Manager
  • Jason Knoll
    Jason Knoll Implementation Project Manager
  • Troy Anderson
    Troy Anderson Chief Technology Officer
  • Grace Diebolt
    Grace Diebolt Implementation Project Manager
  • Steve Williams
    Steve Williams Director of Development
  • Mirko Widenhorn
    Mirko Widenhorn Senior Account Manager
    & Strategic Consultant
  • Joe Wiggins
    Joe Wiggins Account Manager
  • Dan Frazier
    Dan Frazier Senior VP, Sales
  • Amy Horton
    Amy Horton Project Manager, Team Lead
  • Courtney Nichols
    Courtney Nichols Application Consultant
  • Tara Lytle
    Tara Lytle Implementation Project Manager
  • Brendon Woodworth
    Brendon Woodworth Application Consultant
  • Michael Nigro
    Michael Nigro Strategic Account Manager
  • Andrea Ganier
    Andrea Ganier Senior Account Manager
  • Creighton Coover
    Creighton Coover Account Manager
  • Jennifer McGee
    Jennifer McGee Engagement Manager
  • Fred Weiss
    Fred Weiss President
  • Susan Scholes
    Susan Scholes VP, Marketing
  • Danielle Dalton
    Danielle Dalton Director of Client Retention
  • Jason Roberts
    Jason Roberts Senior VP, Customer Success
  • Mark Werner
    Mark Werner Director of Product Management