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  • May 28 2015
    Each year, the Council for Aid to Education (CAE) conducts the Voluntary Support of Education (VSE) survey which measures private giving to higher education
    By Jennifer Saab
    Charitable Giving to Higher Education Up 10.8%
    May 13 2015
    As a project manager, this is the time of year clients start to ask me questions about Sizzler, our annual user conference. Often clients want to know how to prepare for attending the event. Here are my tips for a productive Sizzler User Conference.
    By Patti Hernandez
    7 Sizzle(r) Tips
    May 05 2015
    Did you know it only takes 80 seconds for your organization to be hacked by a phishing scam? That’s the average amount of time-to-first-click when someone receives a phishing email.
    By Troy Anderson
    Don't Be Phish Food
    Apr 24 2015
    Every day we are inundated with emails asking us to attend events, donate, or buy a specific product or service. However, some institutions also send "feel good" emails acknowledging an anniversary, birthday, or holiday.
    By Joe Wiggins
    Feel Good Emails
    Apr 14 2015
    Google Apps for Education is something you should be aware of.
    By Jason Knoll
    Constituent Email Benefits
    Apr 09 2015
    Ensuring you have the most up to date information for your constituents is one of the most important – and challenging – aspects of constituent engagement management.
    By Devin Wais
    Spring Cleaning
    Mar 30 2015
    Did you know there are major advantages to a mobile-ready website? Of course you do. Did you know that Google will up the ante next month with mobile search engine changes? No? You might want to keep reading.
    By Jennifer Saab
    Three Reasons Mobile-Ready Is No Longer Optional
    Mar 12 2015
    Are you building a new site or trying to figure out what content you would like to feature on your redesigned site? We can help!
    By Grace Diebolt
    Content Implementation - A Winning Strategy
    Mar 10 2015
    A key component to iModules’ Actionable Insights is the engagement scores, and more specifically the Engagement Quadrant value.
    By John White
    Data Driven Strategies
    Feb 26 2015
    Don’t worry; this isn’t a lesson in parenting. (Although there may be some similarities.)
    By Mirko Widenhorn
    Rewarding Good Behavior


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