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  • Aug 25 2015

    So you have multiple social media outlets that you tirelessly update, but is there a way to tie it all together?

    By Grace Diebolt
    Social Media Roundup: 10 Fantastic Plugins
    Aug 21 2015
    How do you know that your events are helping to further your alumni engagement strategy? Have you taken the time to evaluate your events or do you find you're hosting the same events year after year with no true data to prove that this event is effective?
    Evaluating Alumni Event Programs
    Aug 06 2015

    Sizzler, the 9th annual iModules User Conference really lived up to its name this year with temperatures above 90 degrees each day.

    By Jennifer Saab
    Sizzler by the Numbers
    Jul 23 2015
    One of the most challenging aspects of engagement is getting alumni to reengage once they have left the institution.
    By Creighton Coover
    Hook 'Em While You Got 'Em
    Jul 09 2015
    Last year, my 77-year-old dad joined Facebook. Many questions followed needing me to explain “how to type stuff in the Facebooks.”
    By Jennifer Saab
    Engaging with Every Generation of Donors
    Jun 25 2015
    Not really, but for those of you who are managing digital projects, you’re most likely already deep into planning your fall initiatives. Move-in day! Homecoming! Giving Tuesday, anyone?
    By Jennifer McGee
    Egad! It's September Already!
    Jun 18 2015
    Let’s face it. Unless you’ve just finished a well-served meal at a restaurant, leaving money on the table is a bad idea.
    By Jennifer Saab
    Don't Leave Money on the Table
    Jun 16 2015

    Our Sizzler 2015 keynote speaker will challenge you to unlearn and re-imagine what you thought you knew about the millennial generation - the largest and most influential generation of consumers ever.

    By Susan Scholes

    Sizzler 2015 + Millennial Marketing
    Jun 05 2015
    The ability to clone a form is tempting, but does it really save time? Only if you know the right questions to ask.
    By Chris Anderson
    The Clone Wars: Create New or Reuse?
    May 28 2015
    Each year, the Council for Aid to Education (CAE) conducts the Voluntary Support of Education (VSE) survey which measures private giving to higher education
    By Jennifer Saab
    Charitable Giving to Higher Education Up 10.8%
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