Encompass Enterprise

Encompass Enterprise is designed for large organizations with multiple business entities, such as departments, regions, chapters, or clubs, that have unique needs but also share constituent data. With Encompass Enterprise, each business entity can manage and execute its online strategy with its own set of tools for content management, email marketing, online giving, event management, membership management, and social networking integration. This enterprise platform allows an organization to share only relevant data with each entity and maintain better data integrity, while also allowing each entity to operate with its unique set of administrative tools.

Encompass Enterprise empowers you
with the ability to:

  • Leverage one set of online engagement tools to increase best practices and knowledge sharing while decreasing the training needs for multiple systems
  • Manage data collection and electronic communications in a secure, coordinated manner across the enterprise
  • Give constituents a central place to interact with you, as an enterprise, or with their various affinities
  • Maintain consistent branding and messaging across the enterprise
  • Create email marketing campaigns that maintain your institution's brand standards across all event invites, e-solicitations, e-newsletters, and more
  • Provide unique access for both constituents and staff administrators
  • Increase your data security by working with one vendor who offers the highest level of protection for your institution's sensitive information
  • – Coe College

  • - San Diego State University

  • - University of Kentucky Alumni Association