Event Management

Events provide a unique, powerful way to engage your audience, strengthen your community, and build brand affinity. However, if managed ineffectively, events can be time consuming and reap few results. The good news: There's a way to streamline your processes, cut promotion and administrative costs, and eliminate unnecessary stress, while at the same time increasing event participation.

iModules makes it easy for you to:

  • Boost attendance with convenient online registration
  • Create customized, personalized online registration forms and event web pages
  • Promote your event with photo albums, message boards, unique Web addresses, attendee lists, event calendars, and RSS
  • Offer different event fees based on date ranges, activities, and target audiences
  • Provide support for ticketing, event-related sales, and registration for multiple activities within an event
  • Automate and personalize registration-confirmation emails
  • Track registration through email notification and downloadable reports
  • Apply registration limits
  • Clone and reuse event templates
  • Integrate with your selected e-commerce provider (iModules partners with more than 25 vendors)
  • Conduct secure monetary transactions (iModules is certified as a Service Provider Level 1 through PCI DSS)

Events with Donations
iModules offers the ability to collect Donations within Events registration forms. This is a seamless way to engage potential donors within your online event registration environment, making your events a more effective component of your overall marketing efforts and expanding your fundraising potential.
  • – Coe College

  • - San Diego State University

  • - University of Kentucky Alumni Association