Data Management

Every powerful marketing communication plan is fueled by knowledge of your audience. That's why iModules builds solutions using data, so you can segment your audience to deliver targeted, relevant, and personalized communications. When you cater to the needs and interests of your constituents, you can build greater affinity and stronger, lasting connections.

iModules provides you with:

  • Continuous data collection
  • Do-it-yourself, flexible, customizable forms
  • Data integration with other iModules solutions, allowing for:
    • Personalized and targeted communication
    • Reporting tied to events, online giving, and other forms
    • Collection of new data to be tied to member records
    • Site-tracking actions
  • Complete ownership of your data with the ability to:
    • Create new fields and data values
    • Manually import data
    • Manually export data
    • Receive scheduled data exports via email
    • Automate data import and export with SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)
    • Integrate with offline databases
  • – Coe College

  • - San Diego State University

  • - University of Kentucky Alumni Association